The Design Department and the design of surfaces

Tecnografica has been designing surfaces since 1992.

The technological evolution on the acquisition of images and the progressive diffusion of industrial digital printers, more and more performing in the decorative process of Ceramic Industries, allow nowadays to reach aesthetic results of the highest level. 

Digital solutions

Tecnografica is provided with the best digital solutions for image processing and the latest technologies for surfaces scanning. The beating heart of design, however, remains the fascinating art of research into natural materials, which is flanked by the creation of exclusive artifacts. It is on these totally handcrafted activities that the creative inspiration works.

Creativity vs Tecnology

Above all other aspect, emerges the artistic and technical ability of our team in combining creativity on one hand and the precise technological dynamics on the other hand. 

What will be the future?

Il futuro della decorazione digitale ceramica e delle sue possibilità creative rimane comunque un libro da scrivere e saprà sempre stupirci per i livelli estetici e realistici che raggiungerà.

Discover our CNC Service

Our Three-Dimensional Dies Department is a real creative and technological excellence. Managing the delicate balance between mechanics and Design, this department deals with one of our most complex activities.