The Numerical Control Dies Department

Our Three-Dimensional Dies Department is a real creative and technological excellence. Managing the delicate balance between mechanics and Design, this department deals with one of our most complex activities.

Technologies aiming at creating three-dimensionality

Mechanics, electronics and design find their perfect synthesis in our machines aiming at creating three-dimensional surfaces.

The creative process starts with high-precision laser detection of the surfaces to be replicated. Then, we move on to digital graphics processing aiming at creating files for engraving.

Within our Dies Department, we use both mechanical engraving technologies and the innovative L-Power system: the latter is a process of laser removal of the material. The final result is characterized by a high level of precision in the creation of the three-dimensional structure.

Whether it’s mechanical technology or L-Power, we can reach a maximum size of 2 x 4 Mt, with digitally controlled centesimal engraving depth.

Thanks to all these processing characteristics, we supply not only the Ceramic Industry, but also other industrial sectors.

Steel punches for pressing

Within the Punches Department, we manufacture steel punches for the pressing of ceramics of any size. Our core value is the quality of supply, the result of a meticulous control over the entire production process.

Discover our DESIGN service

Tecnografica has been designing surfaces since 1992. The technological evolution on the acquisition of images and the progressive diffusion of industrial digital printers, more and more performing in the decorative process of Ceramic Industries, allow nowadays to reach aesthetic results of the highest level.